Wow… I haven’t written here in a long time!

Rusty is doing very well! We’ve been in our current place for going on three years now, and he seems to be getting better with his anxiety!

The vet he visits is really good with him, and has even been able to give him shots without him screaming and wailing- which is absolutely mystifying to me! He was getting pretty fat though so I’m meant to feed him less, which seems to be helping!

He’s even able to sleep away from us now, downstairs with his sister (the Chihuahua) so Ada and I have been able to sleep more often when we’re able to! Thank gods for small favors!


This will probably NEVER happen again...

Jynxie, the Chihuahua actually consents to playing with him in short bursts, which seems to help out a little, though she still sees him as inferior 😉 my little snob!

I will say though, he’s improved leaps and bounds since gran passed… he seems so much more adjusted, and can ‘dog’ a little bit better now… let’s hope he continues to improve!


He's far too comfortable 😉




Sleepy tired face

I have no idea how I got this adorable shot…but he sure looks cute doesn’t he? I wonder if Rusty ever gets overwhelmed or depressed ((again, I hear ya there, buddy)), and if this is how he copes. Of course, I could just be thinking too far into this! The pillow was definitely a substitute for a blanket and as we know- he loves being surrounded by fluff! Now…off to give this little monster some cuddle time 😉

Guest Starring: Saffron Lovelace


I have to admit…that bass is a comfy bass…

Saffron Lovelace is teeeccchhhnnniiicaaallllyyy my girlfriend’s cat…however I usually only refer to Saffron as hir cat if she’s being naughty ((which zie generally retorts back “oh…so she’s MYYYY cat, eh?” such fun banter )) I can’t help taking pictures of her being adorable…I mean LOOK AT HER! Don’t let her fool you, though. She is indeed a Lokean child, and definitely tries to kill us on a regular basis ((of course when you call her out on it she just stretches and looks adorable as if to say “but I’m just an adorable little kitten!”))


Just look at that comfy face though…isn’t it just the look of contentment?


Her highness atop her royal bass bed


What the Junk was THAT?


Rusty flew awake for no reason…but look how comfy he is?

I often wonder what Rusty dreams about. He’s quite active when he sleeps- his little feet twitch like he’s running, every so often he’ll whimper and I’ll have to nudge him awake…sometimes he wakes up on his own like he just came out of a terrible dream. (Poor little man, I completely understand you there!) He’s definitely the perfect little man to have next to you, though. He sleeps SOOOO LONNNGGG. (The only time its a problem is when he rolls over and “accidently” puts his head on the keyboard 😉 Silly boy.



This is his treat face 😉


Do I talk with my dog?

I just reblogged a wonderful post by Trainer Trish in which the question that was asked “Do you Talk to your dog?” The answer- all the time. I’ve always had dogs growing up, and each one has always been special to me in some way. I generally do find myself alone in the house with them, and how could I NOT chat with them when they look at me so expectantly?

My Chihuahua loves to be talked to 😉 Even if she’s deeeeeppp asleep if you say her name ever so lightly in a singsongy voice you’ll see her tail wag as she wakes up and she gets extremely excited! Its quite possibly one of the cutest things in the world 😉

I have noticed that most of my dogs love being talked to…perhaps they feel more connected to us in that way?

Rusty, even though he is deaf, still gets that treatment. Now, I’m not sure the extent of his deafness, as I SWEAR he hears some sounds (although pinpointing which sounds he can hear has proven difficult). Rusty has huge amounts of anxiety for a dog so small, and sometimes when he’s having a particularly stressful time I’ll wrap him in my arms, get really close to his ear and gently tell him that he’s okay and that he’ll be okay if he’ll calmmmmm down. It seems to help!

He’s my sweet boy…so of course I try to talk to him often!

Picky Cats = Happy Pup


Show those cats, Rusty!

Rusty is definitely a peculiar little man! I’ve noticed that he truly does NOT like sitting directly on the floor if he can possibly help it. So, even if he’s only sitting on a tiny corner of something squishy, he’s a happy boy! This cat pillow was acquired YEARS ago for the cats. Since we got it- never once has a cat used it. The first day Rusty came home? Put to use…the cats weren’t terribly pleased, but they’re still not about to sit on it themselves 😉



His royal highness on the pillow